Car Rental Service

Car Rental Service



Renting a car in Odisha has never been easy and straightforward than RoadXTravels. We offer mini cars, sedans, SuVs, and mini vans at affordable price. So whether you’re visiting for vacation, for business meetings, or for family functions, we have ready-to-be-driven vehicles. Simply call, book, confirm, pay, and the car is yours for a day or a month depending upon your need.

We ensure the fleet of vehicle we rent out are in top-notch condition. After each trip, the cars undergo regular maintenance and servicing. Every component that needed to be changed is replaced immediately so that it won’t be a matter of concern during your trip.

With our main office located in Bhubaneswar, we offer car rental in most places of Odisha and north India. Here are the benefits of dealing with us for your car rental requirement:

  • On-time car delivered at your place
  • Easy booking and payment
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Friendly-customer service
  • Reasonable Price
  • Contact us today for urgent car rental needs in Bhubaneswar and around!